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Dec 3, 2013 6:00pm PST
. >> it's like a dream. >> reporter: this is the top u.s. city for home sellers, good schools, low crime, and buyer competition are the reasons. in freemont the averaghome is on the market for 3 weeks. if you put it on the market today, it could be sold by christmas. the homes sell so fast, inventory is not keeping up. >> usually you see 300 to 400 houses for sale. right now we are down to 70 houses. >> reporter: buyers need to make up their minds quickly and be willing to pay up. those who went through it recently said they are staying put. >> i don't want to go through that again. >> it's no surprise there were other bay area cities on the list, san francisco, san jose numbers 2 and 3 for home sellers. >>> muni is doing away with mixed messages. san francisco mta is dropping all promotional messages on its buses. allen martin spoke to transit officials today. a lot of people like the messages showing team and city pride. why the change? >> reporter: enough people didn't like them, liz. a spokesperson says the agency got a number of complaints from the people who find the signs distract
Dec 2, 2013 3:00am PST
and with the city arts grants program it takes a while for first time applicants to learn the process. >> you don't have a teaching? >> we had a workshop. two workshops. >> part of the workshop did you have information about complaints? >> no. >> i think it's important because we have that in the puc about a grant. people know where to file their appeal or protest. that's not the case here. >> no, we certainly all of the plate -- applicants get a letter telling us when the plan is reviewing it and they could come. it's a learning experience. to my knowledge, the applicants know and it's in the application that it goes from there to committee and from committee to full commission. but, no, we do not specifically spell out what happens if they don't get it. >> i think you should. >> thank you. >> no. 2, i say that with all do respect. >> i appreciate it. >> getting back to the comments, is there is going to be a second round of $100,000 funding? >> yes. are all the applicants prohibited from applying? >> no. we have not set the criteria or guidelines. historically no, we do not exclude. >> so no a
Dec 2, 2013 2:30pm PST
, providing the meals at 19 sites in the city we are under the continued demand to increase the number of services at those sites and here in >> i want to thank them for the incredible work that the project does and it has been an honor to work with the meals on wheels and, the work that you do every day but very so much. >> we appreciate your support. >> thank you. >> food insecurity is a big problem for people in san francisco with the people living with hiv and we found in the studies that over half of the hiv infected individuals in san francisco are food insecure, in the tender loin, we found three quauters of the people that were getting the form of food assistance, the project open hand and glide and all of the other organizations are doing a phenomenal job of providing the needed aid and all of the funding and increasing the client loads, it has not been enough to take the people out of food insecurity and importantly there are costs not only to the patient's health but also to the city for failing to address this. first, not having the food makes it harder for the people to ta
Dec 2, 2013 10:30pm PST
're talking about, yes, they may not be in the city and county of san francisco but maybe going down to santa clara county. >> they've been rewarded with that, but there is a responsibility, absolutely, for center plate to do this but we think that the responsibility goes beyond that because these are jobs that unfortunately are very low wage and it's not only center plate that is ignoring the responsibilities we're focusing on, the giants won two world series in four years and our members have not had a wage increase in four years during that entire time which in our view is quite unconscionable. >> thank you very much. >> thank you, mr. casey, next speaker. >> thank you, mr. president. members of the bore, my name is christopher ball, i live at 1011 howard street, i wanted to bring your attention to -- i thought somebody would get that. the bicycle coalition has offered for your perusal on the website and i want to -- please note that 50 feet is the probable elevation of the whole impact of greenland melting. we can fix this, we know how much coal, oil and gas is burnt and so how much c02
Dec 3, 2013 12:00am PST
counsel meeting in room 400 san francisco city hall. city hall is accessible to persons using wheel chairs and wheelchair access is provided at polk street is provided via wheel chair lift. our meeting is open and sign language interpreted. also available in large print and braille. please ask staff for any additional assistance. to respect everyone's ability to focus on the presentations please silence all mobile phones and pda's. you may complete a speakers card available in the front of the room or call our bridge line. where a staff person will handle requests to speak at the appropriate time. the mayor's disability counsel meetings are generally held on the third friday of the month. our next meeting will be on december 20th. request accommodations at 415, 5546789. 6799 for tt y. a reminder to speak slowly to assist our captioners and interpreters. >> next agenda item is the meeting of the agenda. >> item one welcome introduction roll call. >> item 2 action item reading and approval of the agenda. >> item 3 public comment. >> items not on the agenda -- each speaker is l
Dec 4, 2013 3:00am PST
the same this year as last year. we went to city hall, laguna honda, san francisco general, and unified school district and the airport. we went and took applications and answered in other departments. we went to the an heche open enrollment along with the hsf director. the abs employment specialist helped us with the management cafeteria plan to remind them to turn in their changes. on the next slide it's showing a comparison of applications we received this year versus last year and as you can see at the end of the month is when we get all the applications. the next slide is an open application processing compared to the applications we received versus what we are able to process at the end of that day and we process into 2 weeks of november. one thing i would like to note in this slide issed red asterisks. there are four 1/2 days where we are unable to process because the system is down for payroll processing. we have three of those in a biweekly basis in a month. on the next slide, it's showing you the typical inbound calls for the year and that is very similar to last year. the las
Dec 5, 2013 8:00am PST
, an accident source of food in our city. but we want to include the retail as well. we then drive the activity into the community and it benefits all, creating it. 19,000 do not have kitchens and which means that these people have no ability, relatively to little or no ability to actually store the food in the fridge and prepare the food in any way, except in a hot plate or a mike wave and that limits the option to prepare the food and they are certainly more expensive or putting more increased demand on the dining room. and if the people have the kitchens that will be the quality and be able to use the benefits or use a local supplement or even go to the food pantry. and with that, i would like to go back to dr. jones to talk about the next steps, thank you. >> thank you, terry. so now you have heard some bit about the report, and some of the data, and some of our high priority items. and i really just like to summarize the recommendation from the next steps and first of all it is full utilization of our federal nutrition program and especially cal fresh, which will generate the local economi
Dec 5, 2013 3:00pm PST
for the due process and workers rights. we know how important city college is to immigrant community. and we needed to convey how important to keep city college open it's a lifeline for immigrant and what they contributed to san francisco. we're concerned about the impact of the affordable health care and there's also some day to day issues like driver's license issues and, you know, local law enforcement issues making sure that the language access is there for all our community. we've done good due diligence and really understanding the issues but most important to make you all aware of what's important in the immigrant community >> you've having had a a lot of collective issues have you done any advocacy on the national level as we continue to push for immigration. >> our chair a bill who has a national renowned voice he's been our representative here in san francisco and kathleen here background is good and her writings have been 235u6r7d featured. we've used the expertise to bring, this up to the national level nooifrt congress people and there's been 87 in sacramento. i think we've wo
Dec 5, 2013 5:30pm PST
a guide and it's a great pleasure to ask park evens and myers to come up broke >> so how many cities have a mayor that can name science. i don't think any other than san francisco it's amazing. but we're here to celebrate this combrart. i have been in incubators all over the world i've never seen one like this. it's done with care ease one thing we know about science it's all about teams. there's a special individual or a great idea but it's how teams win. the way it's put together in the shared labs and the dynamic dow conceived the garage. how many of you have gotten a tour of the facilities. then you know they started in the q v b believe and had a desk and lab beverage and maybe if they progressed this was do you go brainchild to now so many applicants they've created 4 hundred jobs by all the companies they've started. 62 companies are in the garages down there and it's not like the affidavit packard or hewitt's those are good. and start up in a box to teach scientists how to start a company should they start one and how they go about it one hundred and 40 teams have done that in thi
Dec 6, 2013 6:30am PST
into services, they don't pay for that room. the city is paying for that room but the individual commits to participating 2-3 times a week in case management. this is a similar situation that we would be working with someone and they would agree we would pay the storage so they are not giving up this property that they may decide is a period of time form of housing for them down the road. we would store it which is about $150 a month for a vehicle . we are looking at 4-5 vehicles but now that we have dedicated $7,000 for this purpose. we are going to be flexible as people have needs, but the commitment is they participate in case management leading to permanent housing. >> my question is how long do they engage in case management. when you are in services, there is a termination period, right? >> there is variations. if you go into a room and they shut that room and they don't meet with that person, that is a person that is not going to be successful in the program. i think we are going to be successful and open-ended. i often find that rules are not going to work. as long as the person
Dec 7, 2013 1:30pm PST
and it was also very important to us that the dtx be designed and constructed in a way that accommodates the city's future goals specifically reported to the interest that there is in eventually, bringing the tunnel that or the tracks that bring cal tran and high speed rail to the city are undergo on mission bay drive and 16th street and you will see in the present that ising that we have designed the dtx so that the goals be able to be accommodated when the funds are found. and so the new slide and this was referring earlier the difference between 1.3 miles which is the figure that you probably have heard before and that is typically how we describe the length of the dtx that is the amount of the extension going from the terminal of fourth and king and extending to the far east end of the transit center, if you look at the entire program area. where the tunnel go below grade and it is actually the full length is 1.95 miles. and those, too, and areas are described on this graphic. >> and got the southern boundary there is what street? >> and bliefsh that is channel street. >> okay. >> mission bay
Dec 8, 2013 1:00am PST
whether this is consistent with the city goal of transit-first? and finally, request that you the board consider our information, as well as the significant public support for our position if we shouldn't rather be instead working together to save the no. 3 jackson and increase ridership? so let me describe our community of 60 square blocks, consisting of portions of pacific and presidio heights, transected by the no. 3 jackson. we are 1500 regular riders getting on and off the no. 3 jackson in this area. we do 4,000 round-trips per week, 650 of these round-trips are within our community. 28% of our ridership is greater than 65 years of age. we have students and staff at nine local schools. we have tourists staying at three local hotels. we feel that it is important for us to all of us to use the no. 3. the level of importance is reflected by the petition and emails that you have received recently. all of us support muni and all of us would like to continue riding the no. 3 jackson. thank you. >> thank you, next speaker. >> anne long. wayne fung. barbara bocce. john paxton. >> good
Dec 8, 2013 9:30pm PST
and the opportunity for leadership outside the city on immigrant policy and to you put forward and prioritize the leadership we're actively and engaged in san francisco we've done tremendous work in the area of women's leadership and embattling domestic violence and winning the rights of labor protection for the workers and most recently, the due process law ordinance that the board of supervisors passed and guaranteeing respect for immigrant rights in the judicial and the separation of judicial enforcement at the local level. for me personally, i want to the opportunity. i wanted to continue to serve and learn and would be happy to do so if you're willing to reappoint me >> do you have any questions of ms. coal? seeing none, thank you, ms. coal. phil? >> good afternoon i have a little bit of a cold. first of all, it's a privilege to address you guys and apply for this position. i'm obviously asking you to appoint me to one of the empty seats. i'm an immigrant i think i can bring my experience. secondly for about 6 years i was a union organizer i worked pretty closely with gun points from a
Dec 1, 2013 9:00pm PST
school can only succeed in our city with the help of the things we're doing to improve our relationship. so it's aspects like that or the record pace we're doing to reduce the domestic violence in our city. there are leaders from the filipino community we need the talent so it's our job to make sure those communities are strongly represented in our government, in our commissions and in our private businesses as well as our strong narrowed leadership. so i ask you to continue to make sure that the filipino community and all its leaders become strong ambassadors not only for diversity sake but it make sense that we create importantly more talent to manage this creative city of san francisco. and it's in that veiny want deputy espanol general ass lesson to come up as i present to you (clapping) our cities official pramgs dlurg you as filipino american history month in san francisco. congratulations (clapping.) mayor ed lee and ms. amity lee and commissioner hi draw mendoza and commissioner perez we're looking forward to our reappointment next month supervisors john avalos and jane kim and
Dec 2, 2013 11:30pm PST
to visit and to recognize that san francisco proudly is an international city one that is proud to take every stimulus opportunity and to establish and a sustain it and grow it right now like we're doing. congratulations and thank you very much for being here (clapping.) thank you mayor ed lee we're pleased to have you here to celebrate this signify center. this project was about thinking outside of the box and transitioning it. our next speaker michelle cracking i think is the principle and has focused on complex institutional and mixed use projects. please welcome ms. mccrack i think (clapping.) so it's so amazing to be at the end of this project. i always think about the start and the finish and i love them both i love the beginning that the adrenaline rush that starts at the beginning of every project but love the final movement that is filled with the joy. i can still remember when we had our first meeting in august of 2009. we were behind schedule the day we started. we knew we had to move quickly to sustain the future possibility this future workplace we never doubted we could pu
Dec 4, 2013 6:00am PST
the revenue is strong because we turn that revenue into a conversation to take care of everybody in the city. this center and site reptsd our cities principles and values and philosophy of taking care of everybody. so i want to give a shout out to the doctor's and even the medical records staff they're to be here (clapping) they're working their medical magic. i'm troud proud of this city and being the mayor of everybody that wants to be successful and live rich lives in the city. we need to continue connecting the dots and working together. i don't mean to the city to be successful i want to make sure that everybody is successful and everybody lives rich lives and everybody has a chance to live in this wonderful, wonderful place. it could be came lot but it is as close to camp lot as any place in the country. thank you, everybody (clapping) so i know you're all exited to go do the ribbon cutting but i need to make some last minute acknowledgments. >> are we ready 5, 4, 3, 2, 4 and let's see if the scissors work. yeah. ♪ ? an incredible program because we take regular kids teach them the l
Dec 4, 2013 3:00pm PST
and why they're under increasing pressure in states and cities facing huge debt problems. the fights are charged with more skirmishes to come in court, but this week's action may be changing the landscape. the battle over the public employee pension crunch in illinois-- the nation's worst-- came to a head yesterday, as state lawmakers voted to eliminate a $100 billion unfunded liability. it passed with bipartisan support, although the votes were close, and some were more enthusiastic than others. >> i think it's a win-win and the excuses i'm hearing from people who don't want to support it don't add up to me. >> this is hard for a lot of people in our state so it's not something that i feel joy about. >> woodruff: the measure cuts cost-of-living increases for current and future retirees and raises the retirement age for those under 45. many aren't happy about it. >> when you've been employed by the state for 20 years and you're counting on your benefits being "x" and there is a possibility that that nest egg that you've been counting on is going to be reduced as a result of pension r
Dec 8, 2013 10:25am EST
was about 500 in 1900. by 1910 it was almost 8,000. >> welcome to core delain, idaho, known as the lake city, it's situated in the northern pan and l of idaho and is home to about 44,000 people. >> the biggest legacy of all is all the careers she started. all the people all over the state who got their start from louise shadegg, and the way she did it, by being nice to people. people knew, if they were in politics, they wanted to be friends with louise. .. a we think it was first used in the first place by some of the french-speaking who were with the british company that moved down into this area. as a tribe that lived around lake coeur d'alene would travel up to the trading post new the canadian border, for some reason we think because they were extremely -- today we see this person is sharp as a tack. the sharpest little tool was this awl, so they started calling the indians when it went up to trade it would take days to trade and so they got -- somehow refer to them as coeur d'alene which means people with hearts as sharp as the point of a awl. for some reason the name got attached to th
FOX News
Dec 7, 2013 8:30am PST
market blueprint to get the motor city rolling again. with more cities on the brink, they might learn a thing or two before they go bust, too. plus -- >> there will be no more taxpayer funded bayouilouts, period. >> america is getting fed up. now the white house may be about to hand insurance companies another massive bailout because of obama care and you'll be paying for it. then, listen up, kids, don't be a maker, be a taker. a 6th grader getting schooled in liberalism and it might make parents' heads explode. >> i can't raise money, work hard, have a good work ethic, but they can beg. >> they told her to beg, but we beg to differ. cashing in, always seeking the truth, starts right now. >> hi, everyone. detroit is beaten, burned out and now bankrupt but a beam of bright light is emerging from the right. this an exclusive interview you will see only here. senator rand paul joins us from the motor city. tell us what your plan consists of. >> this is a free market plan to rescue detroit. weapon don't rescue detroit by taking money from houston or atlanta. we rescue detroit by leaving m
Dec 1, 2013 6:50pm PST
of the menorah a giant menorah was also in berlin in front of the city's brandenburg gate. the holiday commemorates to read education of the temple in jerusalem during the revolt in one sixty five pc according to jewish belief there was only one to two flights per day. miraculously it lasted for eight. in this the blue a crime as it was good tonight star gaze is this an on pace to have been upset by it. let's encounter with the sun on thursday in the us space agency nasa released these images on the ice on disappearing behind the sun. but just failed to relax on the other side's leading scientists to believe that the two km wide some of the race and that bet the pot. the comets was the need to be for the hoffman billion years old and was discovered by a russian tennis get lost in the sun is out hoping they'll be able to study the danbury to learn more about the makeup of thinking of us its. eu summit with former soviet countries and lithuania on friday falling short of its goal of signing a partnership agreement with ukraine. president victor gemma corbett said he was unhappy with the
Dec 2, 2013 11:00pm PST
as fast as it should have been when it flew off the tracks in new york city killing four people. data recorders show the train passed through a 70-mile an hour zone, then entered a 30- mile an hour curve traveling at 82 miles per hour. the engineer told first responders the brakes didn't work properly. so far there's no evidence to back that up. ks and >> this train made nine stops prior to derailing. at this point we are not aware of any problems or anomalies with the brakes. >> today the derailed cars were put back on the tracks and removed from the scene. the investigation could take months. would >>> imagine a future with no new hiv infections in san francisco. researcher tonight are saying it could happen -- researchers tonight are saying it could happen, joe vazquez on what it would take to get to zero. >> reporter: at the castros lgbt center tonight there is talk of the unimaginable, talk about zero. >> zero new infections, zero new deaths for persons living with hiv and zero stigma is a bold aspiration. >> three decades after the city began to be ravaged by death and disease
Dec 2, 2013 12:30am PST
-year conversation, stakeholders in the nightlife entertainment has been having for greater connection to city hall and city services. obviously the comptroller's study last year about the value of nightlife to the city, a $4 billion industry and that doesn't even take into account the big outdoor daytime festivals. $4 billion, 48,000 employees in the city, and it's also an industry that has some of the most complex regulatory hurdles to starting a business and a lot of touch with various city agencies to keep one of these businesses going and successful. so, given that kind of unique backdrop, oewd created this position for nightlife and entertainment. my background is in live music. i cofounded a nonprofit called the bay bridged, which promotes san francisco bay area music and has produced a number of street festivals, rock concerts, san francisco themed events to promote the city's live music scene. in this position i'm very much engaged with folks across nightlife and entertainment. when i say nightlife, we're talking about bars, restaurants, night clubs as well as live music venues, social spa
Dec 3, 2013 2:30pm PST
is in terms of what it's going to deliver to the city. my question is really -- i don't know, this took a long time to get here and i'm glad that we're here and we're going to actually have good meters throughout the city because most of the city now still has coin operated meters and it's really -- it makes it harder for people to pay. i know that when you transition to the credit card meters and the remote reloading meters, you end up increasing meter revenue and decrease ticket revenue and that's a positive thing. people can decide that they're going to park and pay and they know what they're going the pay and they don't have to have sort of the anger that people -- and the surprise that people get when they get hit with the 75 or 90 dollar ticket, so i think this is long overdue, i'm glad that all of the meters, the coin meters as well as the original generation of credit card meters which have some issues are all going to be replaced with new technology. it's going the make it easier for people to park at meters, they're going to be able to quickly pay, they're not going to have to rememb
Dec 4, 2013 6:00pm PST
that are expected to pour into the city. transforming the entire skyline. and this is ground zero first in mission street san francisco. home of the future transbay tower which could be the tallest building on the west coast. >> it's coming whether we prepare for it or not. and so we need to prepare for it. >> reporter: are we prepared for it? >> no. we're not prepared for it. >> reporter: signs of the strain are already on the rise with rocketing rents causing more and more evictions. >> the city an economy are blooming for people with access to greater education, more experience in high-tech industry, and not necessarily people who are in our neighborhoods. >> reporter: gabriel metcalf of the san francisco planning and research association understands the apprehension. >> people are really afraid especially renters like me if you lose your apartment, you have to move out of the city most likely. >> reporter: speaking of moving, a just released mayoral task force report estimates the city will need to spend $10 billion on roadways and transportation just to keep pace with the gr
Al Jazeera America
Dec 1, 2013 8:00pm EST
strike and tells the prime minister she must resign. >> tonight rescuers in new york city are uprighting toppled train cars, searching for more victims in the deadly train crash. the train derailed in the bronx on the way to manhattan. at least four are dead. there are 63 confirmed injuries. 11 are listed in critical condition. >> al jazeera's kilmeny duchardt is live at the scene. what is the latest on the investigation? >> tonight, on this very chilly night, firefighters, police, crews and the mtsb are combing through every part of the scene down there right now, looking at the tracks, the mechanical equipment, the communication equipment to try to figure out what went horribly wrong. >> the holiday weekend ended in tragedy and chaos for those on board this train. it happened early sunday morning. >> we have recovered the event recorder of the cab car. we downloaded the data off the loko motive. we have not had a chance to analyse it at this point. >> the train was carrying about 150 passengers, heading to new york's grand central station. >> the injuries are consistent with broken bon
Al Jazeera America
Dec 3, 2013 10:00am EST
saying essentially the came thing. they were able to get in very high profile areas in the city, but he said the fight is not over. and in some respect it will kick back in again after the king's birthday on thursday. >>> reports from north korea suggests that the leader has sacked an important power broker. gerald tan reports that it has government officials in south korea wondering how this could effect the future leadership. i'm sorry, we seem to have loss that report, we'll get back to it as soon as we can -- time now to cross to london for the news from europe. let's join lauren taylor. >>> thank you very much. starting with events in ukraine where the opposition has tried but failed to force a vote of no confidence. but the prime minister has apologized by some of the violence by riot police. demonstrators keep up the pressure on the government. our correspondent is in independence square. rory over to you. >> reporter: in the end, lauren, it wasn't even very close, the opposition are a minority in the european parliament. they needed to push through a boundary of 225 votes to get
Dec 5, 2013 6:00pm PST
was the protest by fast food workers in dozens of american cities demanding the federal minimum wage be raised to $15 an hour. our report from joe fryer in los angeles. >> reporter: fast food workers walked off the job today pushing for the first federal minimum wage increase in four years. they braved frigid temps in denver and rainy weather in atlanta while protesters in other cities simply moved their chants inside. >> catching like wildfire all throughout the country. nobody's ever really seen anything like this. >> reporter: sandy velazquez skipped her shift at a mcdonald's in los angeles. >> yes, i was nervous. >> reporter: she has three children. about 25% of all fast food workers are raising kids. >> sometimes they can, mom, can you buy me this and i don't have enough money. >> reporter: like 52% of fast food workers she relies on some public assistance. >> i work hard. when i get my paycheck at the end of the week, it's not enough to survive. it's like an insult. >> reporter: mcdonald's employee steven rojas says he can't find a job in his field. at 23 years old, half the workers had
Dec 7, 2013 4:00am PST
. >>> we'll hear from president bill clinton. >>> motor city master pieces. the latest on possibly selling artwork opened by detroit. could it pull the city it of bankruptcy, and should it? >>> good morning, everyone. welcome to "weekends with alex wit witt". president obama surging congress to extend benefits for 1.3 million workers. they are set to expire just three days after christmas. >> if congress refuses to act it won't just hurt families already struggling. it will actually harm our economy. unemployment insurance is one of the most effective ways there is to boost our economy. when people have money to spend on basic necessities, that means more customers for our businesses and ultimately more jobs. >> the republicans are focusing on obama care. >> families who work hard and play by the rules deserve some basic choices, fairness and relief. that's why the house has passed legislation to delay the individual mandate for all americans and let you keep the plan you like. these proposals are among the dozens of jobs bill awaiting action in the democratic-run senate. >>> good news on
Al Jazeera America
Dec 7, 2013 12:00pm EST
lake city and kansas city prepare for the mls cup. and in this league the match was a family battle. the entire league is a single business entity. >> we created the structure that allows us at a very high level to think of things that will help the game grow, and to try to avoid. >> it handles tale teams and it proves that it's working. >> i don't think you can find another soccer team in the world that can say the same thing. i believe we have one of the most competitive soccer leagues in the world. >> they're disciplined and organized and careful about how they spend money. the major league soccer has a salary cap of $3 million. >> it can't touch the pay of the three big sports. the nfl salary cap is $123 million. pro basketball, $59 million. that's per team. the entire mls league wide payroll, $89 million according to the league office with each team allowed to over pay key players. >> the reality is that money talks. and players are, you know, are working towards their livelihood. they have limited careers they want to make as much money as possible and no one can fault them fo
FOX Business
Dec 5, 2013 4:00pm EST
york mayor-elect bill deblasio appointed former new york city police commissioner, william bratton. he served during the giuliani administration during the mid 1990s but he was fired. liz: ford unveiled the new version of eye coon nick mustang, it will go on sale at the 50th anniversary of the launch of iconic mustang. time fore"after the bell." david: i have should mention by the way the floorboard of the '67 mustang that chris noth had was not there. it rusted out. we were looking at road beneath our feet. what you do in college, crazy stuff. we have lee munson, portfolio manager, chief investment officer will explain why he doesn't think the fed will taper soon no matter how strong the economic data. we have tim mullen in the pits. tim i want to start with you. the looks like the market is ready for a good jobs report, perhaps, as a result earlier tapering than we thought, correct. >> that is the thought in the market action but when you look at bond market and the way the selloff ended i think there is hesitation. if we get a jobs number there is no certainty fed will stop anytime
Dec 4, 2013 11:00pm PST
. >> reporter: whatever it is, it occurred across the street from city hall. >> they committed an act right in front of some place that is respected, they won't take any other precaution or it won't be on their mind to do it anywhere else. >> reporter: police went door to door in the neighborhood looking for somebody who may have seen what happened after they moved out of range. surveillance camera. they have a vague idea of who they're looking for. they're thought to be asian, the couple. >>> at least 11 people needed medical attention this morning when a smoky duct filled bart trains inside the tunnel. they say an electrical short caused an emergency brake to deploy, releasing the dust into the train and trapping between 600 to 700 passengers for more than an hour. passengers were eventually evacuated from the train. none of the injuries were life threatening. a technician managed to release the brake and got the train running again. >>> still ahead tonight, a shocking discovery as human remains are found near the entrance to a san francisco freeway. find out why one woman had a troublin
Dec 5, 2013 6:30am PST
2015 maybe i'm wrong >> the city attorney can clarify. >> maybe we can talk to germany for a moment but i believe the proposal at the planning commission was background looking and after the planning commission meeting supervisor avalos proposed this language it was only intended to playing apply for evictions after 2013 because the particular reason department is looking at the language and reading it differently i want to make sure we get it right. >> so so that's evictions that happened after october 24th, 2013, and in 10 years. >> right. >> so evictions before october 24th wouldn't trigger it a that's good to i'm glad we'll have a good two weeks continuance to get clarification on that. and where did the october 24th date come from >> that's the planning commission recommended those edition it would create a window for landlord to rush through an evocation in the meeting time when it was flooded and next day. >> then in terms of what kinds of evocation that are covered by this. didn't i saw there may have been some changes it refers to the code section unless you have the cod
Dec 7, 2013 11:30am PST
element. not because we need them there. it's challenging as you drive around the city and pick out a building where there is big additions. they usually don't work, and su -- and you think to yourself who approved that. we want to rise and make this great and it's challenging to add to a building that is not the greatest design. >> commissioner sugaya. >> that said, the building itself his own integrity. if you want to call it that. and maybe concentrating on tweaks to the top. that's one thing. but perhaps you guys should also look at tweaks at the bottom. and maybe the vertical elements between the structural bays don't need to be there, or something like that. and less integration from that standpoint, vertically. maybe that's part of the problem you are trying to cover up the existing building so to speak. i don't know. but that may be something to think about, not just the top but what is happening below. >> commissioner moore. >> taking that conversation further and not talking about architecture here. at this moment the stark contrast between a lovely cafe and a lovely lobby
Dec 9, 2013 12:00pm PST
right. motion been made and continue 11 to 16 city attorney are we in order all in favor, say i. >> all right. folks we're on 17 this is new business this will be the last item of the night. this is a quick up to this point to go through commissioners or directors talk about the tack a ways. who wants to start. >> well, a couple of rammed items the director's report there was a mention there the america's cup all the steps the people plan and the transportation plan how well, it worked. we've been talking about things in the future to deal with the super bowl and i want to make sure we have a postmortem to benefit future projects. also i heard discussion from the resident here l about problems they face. i think that commissioner king talked about things we can do i'd like to stretch this to see if we can't get accountability from other develops to address needs we've heard about today. future agenda items >> i think this is a great. i remember when we proposed it we want to do a road show i think this is very successful. i think that there are a number of items that i take away indefi
Dec 2, 2013 5:00am PST
lives up nevada city. i told him what i was doing and he was consciencious. he had a stack of clippings about what the new deal had done in his area and walked around while he showed me sidewalks and parks and schools and gardens and camps that had been done. he said, i didn't notice. then he became mayor. it's exactly the kind of thing we want. this is or was the living new deal site about a couple months ago. it's much denser now. san francisco county is the best documented of all the california counties. we think that all of california will look like san francisco now. when you begin putting in the work of the civilian conservation core, you find it's everywhere. we are talking about a lot of agencies. roosevelt loved building things. he was the lord of the manor at hyde park. it shows roosevelt in his convertible. if you visit there, you could see he could drive using the upper part of his body. he's pointing to the plans of the hyde park. he was quite a passable architect. once he became president, he was able to build a lot more. even though henry loose was generally opposed to ro
Dec 4, 2013 9:00pm EST
. the wildcard, aviation nation. you've got to write -- fight for your right to keep your miles. and in the city, the smog solution. you actually have a building that eats pollution for lunch. and move over. someone else is coming into boston. the fans are not happy. but kick it off with the tale of two cartels. using the word cartel often conjures images of colombian drug warts and machine guns. -- drug lords and machine guns. merriam-webster defines a cartel as "a group of businesses that agree to fix prices so they will all make more money." that sounds illegal to me. and that is exactly why the hammer was dropped on six banks. deutsche bank, royal bank of scotland, jpmorgan citigroup -- jp morgan, citigroup, and rbs. these are rates that banks charge each other tomorrow. >> what is shocking about the scandals is not just the manipulation of benchmarks, though it a serious infringement, but also cartels between a number of financial players. we want to send a clear message that the commission is determined to sanction these cartels in the financial sectors . enforcing competition rules will
Al Jazeera America
Dec 2, 2013 2:00pm EST
in new york city, killing four people. >>> is something else ailing obamacare? >>> taxing online sales. the supreme court has its say. >>> federal investigators are now looking at the black boxes of a train that derailed in new york city on sunday. they want to know what caused the train to jump the tracks, killing four people and injuring dozens more. crews cleared the tracks so service could resume on one of the busiest train lines. jonathan, good afternoon. how are the cleanup efforts going right now? >> well, stephanie, i would say crews are on the final stretches of work, at least here on the scene they brought on a out a cadaver dog. they uprighted most of the cars at this point. this is the final car. if you can see through the bushes here you'll see that final car there. they were just able to upright with these large cranes that they've been using and they've been hauling the other cars away. in fact the one you've been looking at, the earlier video, this is the car that was just inches from the water, where near where the hudson and harl rivers meet. that fourth person found
Al Jazeera America
Dec 4, 2013 2:00am EST
judge green lights detroit's bankruptcy plan, allowing the city to cut pension plans. >>> joe biden - safety in the sky, a dispute between china and japan. >>> and a report says yasser arafat was not poisoned by radioactive polonium. it it disputes findings that there were high levels of the chemical in his body. >> hello, welcome to al jazeera america. i'm thomas draiton, good to have you with us. we are learning about the man at the controls when a speeding commuter train derailed in new york city, killing four and injuring dozens more. the engineer was in a daze at the time. lisa stark has more on the investigation. >> the national transportation safety board wouldn't say what condition the engineer may have been in prior to the tragedy, but found no indications of mechanic call problems. the brakes on the train, that barrelled along at 80 miles per hour, the breaks were tested before the run began, and worked fine at all the stops before the accident. here is board member earl weener. >> based on this data, there's no indication that the brakes were not functioning. >> rockerfe
Al Jazeera America
Dec 8, 2013 2:00am EST
stop the deadly violence. >> frozen solid - major american cities at a standstill as an ice storm drifts across the country. >> his spirit and yours - as a family we commit ourselves to uphold and be guided by the prepared to die for >> nelson mandela's family share their grief as the world mourns. president obama and the first lady will travel to south africa for nelson mandela's memorial service next week. >> hello, welcome no al jazeera america, i'm morgan radford live from new york city. reinforcements on the town in trying to end the violence. nearly 400 people have been killed in the fighting in the past three days. france is dispatching more than 1,000 troops and the african union plans to double its forces. 10,000 have fled the capital. officials ordered everyone off the streets of bangui. for the latest on the crisis we start in bangui. a warning - you may find some of these images disturbing. >> french soldiers on food patrol in bangui. this is new to the city and welcomeded by men. they are here to reassure people enough to open up shops. at the moment there's no food o
FOX Business
Dec 8, 2013 1:30am EST
of billions of dollars state and city bonds issue every year to build inf infrastructure. >> very good point. >> you didn't bring up the fact that we've been talking about an infrastructure prices for the last 30 years. >> yes, i did, you just saw a clip of the interview. i think you're very judgmental. that certainly came up. >> you're all out of your mind. the federal gas tax -- let's talk about one tax. the federal gas tax. it goes to the highway trust fund. it hasn't gone up in 20 years. but the cost of road repair and road construction has gone up 55%. >> you don't think a lot more people would drive? >> i think that the gas tax -- >> you think just because it hasn't been touched for 20 years -- >> it is declining revenue source because our cars are more fuel efficient -- >> what about -- >> that's not what we're talking about, we're talking about e thing -- >> no, no, no, that's part of it -- >> you need more money, you have other resource, why to you need more money? >> you do need more because since 2008, the general fund has contributed $41 billion to the federal highway trust fund.
Dec 3, 2013 8:30pm PST
the mayor of detroit says the city's finances are out of his control. i had to turn just now from the businesses that we've heard from him earlier this year to get this is the chance to strike after we heard from a night this summer when he filed for bankruptcy protection. and we're now learning that it has been granted and a us federal judge has declared that detroit is eligible for bankruptcy protection and it's now the largest city in the u s history to go bankrupt. the judge ruled on tuesday that the city is able to provide services and pay its bills. the ruling paves the way for detroit to have a fresh start under court supervision. the child in july filed for bankruptcy protection from creditors with debts of eighteen billion dollars. city leaders say they'll drop a corp back rehabilitation plan by the end of this month they're expected to negotiate with creditors to cut loan repayments and medical spending for a retired city workers. and time for check on them i think the us stock prices continue to fall on tuesday investors worried about weak consumer spending the holiday
Dec 7, 2013 5:30am PST
manage to escape but coupled with the dj. handsome autumn cities across eastern china reaches of the best novels of the authorities scrambled to contain dad the welcome news update on cctv use optical it to beijing for the second time in a year. france has lost a major african intervention. this time sending troops to the central african republic where violence has already taken the lives of at least three hundred people. france's president says the operation will be limited. cctv skate park and since reports from the capital times. living in maine next to the airport in the central african country capital crime team. keeping the protection of things to look into extinction that from the dumping its treat them that in the ca are pending in the twelve hundred strong force. just now was tough to win a new land backing for the nation. that topic. to protect the baby and restore humanitarian access and stabilize the country i would be reinforced today and tonight my mission would be too much tomato plants inside but they ended up starting side the countryside to two of its offshore presence.
Dec 9, 2013 4:00am PST
own. in the city. it's due. the tree. i would win use. ch. too much. long haul i can get into chemical and moon on the one teaching though. going to play in tn twenty two coaching with i will call me out. she teaches joking. attention. two people to dream to fly to what she wanted cool . don't hold to a deal. also when you are. she teaches simple each with you he says. it was cool fun. the reports and directs him to actually treat since i went to keystone. see you soon she teaches was she. tai ti the film could be withheld he appealed to the goldfields. last weekend with monday off. i love to know what they did not see who'll true local shops the heavy hand of his youthful new tool of choice yes we all chatted and got the whole system people the only option is still sore on his lap while before the assault vehicle that could mean joke on his door to that huge lock folder and suddenly there he said the next year. it's definitely going to sound off about. she teach me cool fun you can see him go. i feel so should you care. leave me a box until she got pt. in the team. our chicago temple
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